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Family-owned and operated for more than 30 years with founder and CEO, Wolfgang Schulze at its helm, Wolf Limo has become the industry leader in designing cutting-edge, yet timeless and understated vehicles for the funeral and livery industries, and one-of-a-kind custom vehicles that will make heads turn. Our advanced engineering allows you to become the new industry standard among your competitors by offering your clients the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and refined elegance. Our many years of experience in designing and building exotic cars, limousines and specialty vehicles allows us to build and provide you with products that have been meticulously designed and perfected. Any custom request can be met and created specifically for you. All of our products are finished with precision artistry.

Setting yourself apart from your competition is easy with our affordable upgrade options and minimal downtime, and with service excellence being at the forefront of our business, a partnership with Wolf Limo is a winning combination for you. During each step of your order with us, you will be speaking and working directly with owner-operator husband and wife team, Wolfgang and Cynthia Schulze. There are no middle-men and there is no run-around. We strive to earn your trust and we are available to serve you and answer your questions around the clock.



For many years, Wolfgang trained directly under Luigi Colani, world renowned industrial designer and creator of over 5,000 industrial and consumer products.


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– Complete body re-styling
– Interior upgrades
– Lighting upgrades

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The Evolution of Wolf Limo




First Composite Team Emerged

Transportation Design

Wolfgang Schulze founded his first composite team in the mid 80s in Germany. The team primarily worked on prototyping in transportation design. Wolfgang and his team built a variety of vehicles ranging from hover crafts to boats. In 1984, Wolfgang built a Ferrari 250 GTO reproduction and a Porsche 944 chassis. Several other projects followed such as Mercedes wide body conversions and ground effect kits for Porsche and BMW.



Vehicle Design Continues

Porsches, Lamborghinis and Ferraris

Despite the variation in projects, the main thrust of Wolfgang and his team has always been the automobile. In 1987, Wolfgang built his first Porsche 959 reproduction, later even with 4-wheel drive; he even created a 4 seater airplane that was featured at the Paris Le Bourget air show in 1987. Moving into the early 90s, Wolf also built many Porsches, Lamborghinis and Ferraris.



Areas of expertise expands

Motor Sports, Race Teams, And More Replicas

Wolfgang and his team got involved in motorsports in the early 90s and became a supplier for several race teams with light weight parts. In 1993 Wolfgang built the first full carbon fiber chassis for a race car in the WSC class. Additionally, in the same year, Wolf built the first Lamborghini Diablo reproduction. A year later, Wolfgang invented another replica: a Mercedes 500 SL reproduction on Chrysler Le Baron and Ford Mustang Chassis'. It turned out to be the most successful replica of the 90s. During this time, we started building "Neo Classic" Limousines based on Towncars.




Changing The Limousine Industry and inventing the world's first Amphibious Truck

In the early 2000s, Wolfgang Schulze started to develop several body conversions for limousines. This turned the industry inside out. It gave the limousine operator the opportunity to double the hourly rate with a body conversion. Many limousines have been converted into Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Mercedes, BMWs, and delivered to recipients across the globe. Wolf has always been designed with innovation in mind. In 2006, he developed the world's first Amphibious Truck capable of navigating any lake and waterway. It was based on a Ford F150, for search and rescue missions.



Shift in Focus

Body Conversions, Funeral Coaches and Specialty Cars

In 2009 Wolfgang Schulze and his team shifted their full time focus to the development of body conversions and updates for funeral coaches and specialty cars. Since this pivot in focus, countless body conversions for the funeral industry have been delivered not only in the U.S. but around the world. Today, we are the leader in automobile reproductions and prototyping in automobiles. Many innovations in the industry have originated from Wolfgang and his team.

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