Wolf Limo Conversions understands this, and provides you with a beautifully enhanced - Modernized Exterior Body Conversion.

Simply put, we use your existing funeral coach, then apply our
exclusive exterior conversion process with precision artistry. Once completed, your older transport will then sparkle as a late-model gem!
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Thank you for visiting Wolf Limo Conversions. Our intention is to establish a successful working relationship with your funeral home. Our company realizes that we must be an asset to your stellar reputation, and dedication to your local communities and families in need.

Like you, we're very proud of the service that we provide, which is a direct benefit to all funeral homes. We sharpen your competitive edge by setting a new industry standard with our exclusive product.

We modernize your existing funeral coach; Cadillac or Lincoln (any model); Elegantly upgraded; Cost effective (74% savings, compared to the purchase of a newer vehicle!)

When it comes to your funeral fleet, clients of the deceased expect new vehicles to be part of their memorializing time.

As you know, most of your coaches have very low mileage, along with a pristine interior. The only giveaway to its age is the older model/body style of the exterior.
Please click on our Photo Gallery link below to review our "Encore" product line. Family Limousine & Hearse Carriage - "Encore" Cadillac XTS design look, are both showcased! To complement our quality designs,
authentic Cadillac XTS hardware (grill, head/taillights, emblems, etc.) is utilized.

Our "Encore" Lincoln
MKS, Rolls-Royce, and Mercedes design looks are all available. As a consideration, you could also purchase one of our cost effective, turn-key funeral coaches!

We are mindful of the importance of keeping your fleet in service, so the downtime is minimal. Our body conversions can usually be completed in approximately 3 weeks (depending on options). We offer optional interior upgrades, vinyl roof, coach lighting, custom rims, etc.

As our client, you’ll be serviced by our excellent customer support, thorough progress updates,
strong warranty, and creative financing (if applicable). We have already converted vehicles for many funeral homes throughout the USA. Per your request, we encourage you to contact our extensive database of very satisfied clients!
Please call us for a no obligation/no pressure consultation.
Our goal is that you'll permit Wolf Limo Conversions
to earn your business!

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